#Machine Learning


Back Propagation

December 13, 2016

This time, I will explain about Back Propagation by making a simple program. What is Back Propagation? In machine learning, it is a supervi…

Neural Network

November 30, 2016

Previously, I realized logical AND by creating a neuron. Neuron At this time, by using a neural network that combines neurons, I will make …


November 29, 2016

I made artificial neurons and realized a logical AND. Neuron (GitHub) What’s Neuron? Neurons are components of neural networks that mimic n…

Genetic Algorithm

November 18, 2016

I created a program to solve the knapsack problem with genetic algorithm. Genetic Algorithm (GitHub) What is Genetic Algorithm? Genetic alg…

Ant Colony Optimization

November 16, 2016

Since I created ant colony optimization algorithm this time, I will introduce it. Here is my program, please refer this if you want. Ant Co…

Q Learning

November 09, 2016

I created a simple module to do a Q Learning. GitHub: Q Learning Q Learning is one of reinforcement learning in machine learning field. Q-L…

Inductive Learning

November 04, 2016

I created a simple module to do an inductive learning. GitHub: Inductive Learning Inductive Learning is a very simple algorithm. It generat…

Sample programs of Machine Learning

October 10, 2016

I’m creating sample code collection of machine learning, this is the repository. ML Kitchen Sink Generally, machine learning programs are w…

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