Machine Learning

  • Easy Implementation of Convolution and Pooling Layer in Deep Learning

    JavaScript Machine Learning Deep Learning
    I implemented a sample of part of CNN (Convolutional Neural Network), Convolutional Layer and Pooling Layer. This is easy to understand, so it’ll help you to understand convolutio... read more
  • Back Propagation

    JavaScript Machine Learning
    This time, I will explain about Back Propagation by making a simple program. What is Back Propagation? In machine learning, it is a supervised learning algorithm for learning a ne... read more
  • Neural Network

    JavaScript Machine Learning
    Previously, I realized logical AND by creating a neuron. Neuron At this time, by using a neural network that combines neurons, I will make XOR. Program I use a neuron class whic... read more
  • Neuron

    JavaScript Machine Learning
    I made artificial neurons and realized a logical AND. Neuron (GitHub) What’s Neuron? Neurons are components of neural networks that mimic neurons of the brain. It receives one o... read more
  • Genetic Algorithm

    JavaScript Machine Learning
    I created a program to solve the knapsack problem with genetic algorithm. Genetic Algorithm (GitHub) What is Genetic Algorithm? Genetic algorithm is an algorithm which prepares a... read more
  • Ant Colony Optimization

    JavaScript Machine Learning
    Since I created ant colony optimization algorithm this time, I will introduce it. Here is my program, please refer this if you want. Ant Colony Optimization (GitHub) What is ant... read more
  • Q Learning

    JavaScript Machine Learning
    I created a simple module to do a Q Learning. GitHub: Q Learning Q Learning is one of reinforcement learning in machine learning field. Q-Learning (Wikipedia) Description This ... read more
  • Inductive Learning

    JavaScript Machine Learning
    I created a simple module to do an inductive learning. GitHub: Inductive Learning Inductive Learning is a very simple algorithm. It generates some patterns to match with trainin... read more
  • Sample programs of Machine Learning

    JavaScript Machine Learning
    I’m creating sample code collection of machine learning, this is the repository. ML Kitchen Sink Generally, machine learning programs are written in Python, R, because these lang... read more